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The security of the SignatureNet platform is our foremost concern


Whether physical, network or data security - we take care of the security of your data.

Data processing center in Switzerland

Our hardware infrastructure, designed for the maximum security, is located in a data processing center (ISO 27001 certified) in the greater Zurich area and has an additional backup location in a different geographic risk area. The building is monitored 24/7. Access to the data processing center is only possible with dual authentication.


Network security

The SignatureNet servers are behind managed firewalls (hot swap) and are equipped with change detection and intrusion prevention systems.

User management

In addition to user IDs and passwords, access is granted only to a PC belonging to the bank via the IP address. Thanks to the access authorization, which can be assigned by the administrators at the bank, access to the data can also be regulated and controlled precisely.

SignatureNet operates a strict password policy in accordance with the standards of the financial industry. Login is additionally locked after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts. All login attempts - whether successful or not - are of course logged. User passwords are not stored in the database.


Data transfer and storage

The connection between your browser and our data servers is encrypted (HTTPS via Verisign Extended Validation). The database itself is also secured with modern encryption algorithms.

Independent audits

Regular reviews by independent IT security companies specializing in security audits ensure adherence to normal banking security requirements made of SignatureNet.