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GSN Global Signature Net AG is an owner-managed, independent public limited company based in the city of Zurich, Switzerland.

Since its founding in 2003, the company GSN Global Signature Net AG has been responsible for the development, distribution and operation of SignatureNet. 


Business history


In cooperation with the Swiss Bankers Association and leading Swiss banks, GSN Global Signature Net AG has developed a web application with which all processes for the exchange of signature authorisations between banks and their business partners can be handled online.

Since then, SignatureNet has continuously been developed, expanded and kept up to date in terms of technical security.

Today, SignatureNet is the only global digital solution for signature management in the national and international financial business.

A reliable partner


Our mission is the secure, reliable and uncomplicated operation of the mutual, worldwide signatory network SignatureNet. Every day, our specialists take care of the maintenance of the platform, the compliance with strict security regulations and the support of users in the administration and use of signature authorisations in SignatureNet.

If you would like to register your organisation as a participant, please fill out the form and we will contact you.

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