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What does SignatureNet stand for?

SignatureNet enables the management and verification of signatories on one online platform with worldwide coverage around the clock.


Independent | Stable | Neutral 

SignatureNet is the only digital platform for simple, efficient and secure signature verification in international banking.


SignatureNet is open to all financial institutions and their business partners after they have been admitted as participants of SignatureNet in a specific registration process.

Participation as a User Bank (free of charge)


User Banks are SignatureNet participants with "read-only" access. They can verify signatures of their correspondent banks without managing their own signatures on SignatureNet. This service is free of charge. However, for compliance and security reasons, an agreement must be legally signed. 

Participation as Issuing Bank (annual fee)


Issuing Banks have the same functionalities as User Banks. In addition, they record and manage their own authorised signatories on SignatureNet. They grant their counterparties secure, up-to-date and controlled access to their signatures and signature regulations.


As an Issuing Bank, you benefit from significant advantages:


Cost saving

  • The costs for the production, printing and distribution of Lists of Authorised Signatories to correspondent banks are completely eliminated.
  • The centralised, digital management of signatures takes significantly less time than physical management.
  • With SignatureNet, your organisation contributes to reducing the environmental impact of paper consumption and mailing.


Security and control

  • You have an overview of access to your organisation's List of Authorised Signatories at all times. All user activities are traceable.
  • The management of authorised signatories and users as well as the authorisation of counterparties are under your complete control. 
  • All relevant data is stored centrally for a period of 10 years.



  • SignatureNet is a pure web application. No software is installed. The number of users and administrators is unlimited. No hardware is required for the login. 
  • Your List of Authorised Signatories is always up-to-date and can be viewed online by your counterparties around the clock.
  • You can easily integrate your local and international branches and group companies.


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