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Here below you will find the most important terms explained and answers to regularly raised questions


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What is an Issuing Bank?

An issuing bank stores its own list of authorized signatures on the SignatureNet server and makes it available to user banks (correspondent banks) via a secure Internet connection. An issuing bank determines which user bank may see its signatures and which may not.

Please find here the templates of the agreement for Issuing Banks:

  Contract template      General Terms and Conditions



What is a user bank?

A user bank may - provided it is authorized to do so by an issuing bank - view the issuing bank's list of authorized signatures and visually compare signatures via the Internet using a normal browser.

Please find here the templates of the agreement for User Banks:

  Contract template      General Terms and Conditions



What is an IP address or IP range?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address and refers to the unique number comprised of four number-groups that is assigned to each computer connected to the Internet.
IP addresses are structured as follows: 0 to 255 - dot - 0 to 255 - dot - 0 to 255 - dot - 0 to 255

An IP range refers to a range of consecutive IP addresses, e.g. - equals in this case 223-191=32 computer addresses.


Is it possible to just test SignatureNet?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for security reasons. Access to SignatureNet is granted only to registered users, as this is exactly the goal in order to make signatures more secure with SignatureNet.

However, here is what you can do:

  • You can register your bank as a user bank. SignatureNet is free of charge for user banks. You can then block access to SignatureNet yourself or have it blocked at any time.
  • Another option is to have a look at our video. It will give you an overview of the many functions and capabilities of SignatureNet.


Who manages the users of an issuing or user bank?

After completing the registration process, every issuing and user bank receives an administrator account. With this account, the company can set up as many additional user accounts as desired with certain rights. The number of user accounts has no effect on the costs.